Make "Life" Great Again

Let's face it, anything could happen with Trump in power.
Move to Australia... it's just like Canada, with better weather!

Indicator America   Australia 
Peacefulness Rank 
 99 16 Institute for Economics & Peace
Multi Cultural Country - Foreign Born Australians  14.3% 27.7% United Nations Report
Homicides by firearms per 1 million   29.7  1.4 Human Development Index
Life expectancy Women
 80 84 Central Intelligence Agency
Life expectancy Men
 76 79 Central Intelligence Agency
Hospital beds per 1,000
 3.3  7.4 World Development Indicators
Women under 20 who gave birth whilst in their teens
 22%  9% UNICEF
World Happiness Index Rank  13  9 United Nations
Education Index (1 being the highest rank)  0.89  0.93 United Nations

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